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How To Send Mass Emails With OnContact CRM

In sales, utilizing email is a major resource that every organization should be taking advantage of. And with OnContact CRM, it’s really easy.

This OnContact CRM training video will show you the steps it takes to send mass emails to your customers and prospects.

It’s very handy to use the mass email feature in CRM to quickly send a message to one or more of your contacts. This is normally done by beginning with a search for the contact you want to communicate with. In my example I’m going to select a field that is not shown here for an interest. In other words, I want to send an email to my customers that are interested in certain products or services and communicate with them about it. Select one or more values from the list shown and again these drop-down lists can be completely customized for your individual database and use.

In my system, I’m going to select products and click to search. The search results are shown below and you can select one or more. I’m going to select all button to select all the records. When your records are selected, click to choose email.

There’s a few steps for this:

You first have a choice to select whether you’re going to use a template that may have been stored online by your administrator or you could select a template that you have saved personally on your own system. Usually the freeform email is the option people use the most. Normally you should keep the values set as the default. In other words, an individual email is sent to each one of the people that you’ve selected and if they have asked that you do not email them and that is part of their record they will not get an email from you.And an activity record will be created for each one of these contacts when the process is complete.  Click Next and here you can format your email. Write the name that the email is from and a subject for your email. You can add attachments if you like and type the body of your email below. You can include merged fields, which I will show you shortly.

You can also copy paste text into this field if you like. And you can use the formatting tools shown above to make any kind of formatting changes or add pictures or hyperlinks into the body of your email. To add a merged field put your cursor where you would like the field to be and click to expand the tools. Here you’ll see a button that allows you to add values into your message. Click the green plus to add a new value and select data drill down and click OK. Select the kind of record that you need to pull the data from. In this case, it would be the contact and select the field that you would like to pull into your message and click okay.

You can make many selections and they’ll all be listed here on the right for you to insert into your email. Hover over the item you want to insert and click the orange arrow. And you can add your punctuation as needed. Each one of the email recipients would now get a personalized email that had dear and their first name with the body of your email. You can also create and use signatures if you like for your emails. And when you’re ready, click send to send your emails and create your activity records.