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How To Use Search Operators in CRM 10

In this video, you’ll learn about some of the Search Operators available in CRM 10. These Operators can be used to filter by more than one value in a dropdown list.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about some of CRM 10 search operators.

Starting with in and not in, these operators can be used to filter on more than one value in a drop-down list. For example, we can find all contacts that are either active or prospect using one search filter.  To do this open the contact search:

  1. Click filter, select the contacts status column
  2. Set the operator to in. Click the value drop-down and check next to the active and lead statuses.
  3. Click the checkmark twice to run the search and view the results.

Not in works in the opposite fashion showing records that don’t match the choices you picked. In our example, not in will show contacts that have a status other than active or prospect the like operator is used to find records regardless of how the data starts or ends. So for example let’s say you want to find all companies with the word safer in the name:

  1. Open the company search, click the filter button, select company name for your search column set the operator to like and type the word safer into the value field.
  2. Click the check mark twice to run the search and retrieve the results.

Note how we found companies like William Safer Enterprises and the Safer Company, not just the companies that start with our search term.

Our final operators are is empty and is not empty. Our example we’ll use is empty for data validation and cleanup. but for example let’s say you’ve been assigned the job of finding contacts that don’t have an email address in CRM. It would take some time to look at every contact record one at a time, so let’s set up a filter to make this task easier. To do this:

  1. Open the contacts search, click the filter button, select the email address column that the operator to is empty.
  2. Leave the value blank, click the check mark twice to save and run the search.

This is far easier and more efficient than checking every single contact one at a time.

This concludes our CRM 10 search operators video, feel free to contact us with questions on this topic or any other features in CRM.