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How To Run the Deduplication Utility

There may come a time while utilizing OnContact CRM where duplicate records have gotten through the system. When this occurs, you’ll need to run the deduplication utility, as it’s important to ensure that data is clean and duplicate records are merged.

Learn all about running the data deduplication utility in the CRM training video below.

There are times when duplicate records can be added into the system for world contacts and companies. An example might be that one person might add Thomas Jones into the system, another person might add Tom Jones. Even though it’s the same person, CRM won’t know that that’s the case and we’ll create two records. In order to resolve this, there is a deduplication utility for administrators to use under setup

Click the setup icon and choose deduplication. You can select what kind of record you’d like to use – I’ll do a contact. And what the system is looking for is a similar match on these fields: the first name, the last name, the city and the address line. If it finds something that’s a potential match it’ll be listed below.

When you generate the utility, each one will be presented and shown in the multiple rows with a checkbox. The first few that you see here are actually records that were entered without a name. If you scroll down you can see others that will work with, so I’m going to pick this one and click to merge the records. You’ll get a small screen to show you the summary of whatever records were found and you can decide which of them should become the survivor and all the records associated with these different items will be merged when you click merge records. This includes all the activities that may have been logged against each and so forth.

Now when I open that record, I’ll be able to see those changes. Each one of those items can be resolved in the same way. Because it’s a bit of a manual process, it’s a very good idea to do this routinely in your system to keep it clean.