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How To Use Product Interest Fields

Creating targeted, focused sales and marketing campaigns can take your business from good to great. That’s why OnContact CRM lets you utilize product interest fields in your targeting.

Learn more about product interest fields and how you can take advantage of this feature by watching the video below.

It’s a good idea to keep track of the products and services your customers are interested in. that way it’s easy to send them quick marketing messages emails or other communications when there’s something interesting about that product that they should know about. That information is stored on the contact record and it’s under the profile. So I’ll open a contact record and go to the profile tab and you can see that Heather is interested in replacement parts. These are customized lists that you can modify yourself to match whatever it is appropriate in your business environment.

You also can add an interest subgroup to further qualify what this customer is interested in. So in this case, we will mark that she’s interested in services and under that category repair services. So I’ll save and close this information and if you are storing information such as the product interest, you can use that to find and quickly locate all the customers that might be interested in certain products and services that you offer.

From a new search screen, click the gear and select columns and add interest into your search. Click OK and now I can search according to what they’re interested in. And notice that I have options to check one or more of the available options in my search and I could fill out other search criteria if I wanted to, but when my search is ready I now have the search results here. It’s very quick to select all of the people who are interested in that set of services and very quickly send them an email or use workflow to assign an activity, assign them to a campaign, assign them to a certain territory or one of the users in your system.