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Outlook & CRM 7 Integration Training

Does your business rely on Outlook for email? No problem. OnContact CRM seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

In the video below, learn all about OnContact’s Outlook integration features, as well as how to log into the program and utilize it effectively.

Hello and welcome to WorkWise OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about outlook integration features including logging into the CRM outlook toolbar and sharing emails, contacts, appointments and tasks between outlook and CRM 7.

To activate and use the integration features, click the OnContact CRM menu in the outlook add-ins tab and then click login and type in the same credentials you use to log into CRM. This will enable the CRM buttons in Outlook and establish a connection to your website, giving you the option of using many standards CRM 7 features in outlook without having to open your browser.

Starting with the email features, let’s log an important email from a client in CRM as an activity. To do this, open the email, click the add-ins tab and click the add open CRM activity button. The record email page will open with the contents of the email displayed in it. Note on the middle left how this activity is connected to a contact in CRM. This is indicated by the contact name in the contact field.

The add in links the email to a contact in CRM by email address. So for this to work the email address on the from line of the email must match the email address of a contact in CRM. If there is no match, use the Select contact button on the record email page to link in existing CRM contact to the email or use the new contact button to add a new contact to CRM. When you are satisfied the contact is linked, correctly click save and close to add the email as an activity in CRM. This feature works from any outlook folder. If this is done from your sent items folder the admin will attempt to match the email address in the to line rather than the from line.

Another email option is called send OnContact which is used with draft emails. This feature sends the email to the recipient and then logs that email as an activity in CRM. To use this start and compose a new email on outlook when ready to send the email go to the add-ins tab and click send OnContact. The email will get sent through outlook and the record email page will open allowing you to save the email and CRM as an activity.

Contacts, appointments and tasks can also be sent from Outlook to CRM. Open or add an Outlook appointment or task, click the add-ins tab and then click the add open CRM activity button. This will open the activity window to preview data before it is saved in CRM as an activity. Sending Outlook contacts to CRM is done in a similar fashion. Open a contact or add a new one and click the add open CRM contact button found in the add-ins tab.

The contact will be added to CRM and the contact edit page will open. if the contact already exists in CRM, you will be asked if you’d like to update the contact data before opening the contact record. Note the contact edit page offers all the same features such as adding activities, addresses, incidents, opportunities and so on as the contact edit page in CRM.

Outlook integration is bi-directional, contacts and activities can be sent from CRM to Outlook. To send a contact from CRM to Outlook, use the export to Outlook option from the options menu on the contact main page. You’ll be presented with a dialog box confirming whether or not the transfer to outlook was successful. Activities can be sent from CRM to outlook as an appointment or task. To do this, open the activity and choose the export option from the options menu. Again you will see a dialog box confirming the successful transfer of the activity to Outlook. The contacts and activities sent from CRM will then be placed in a queue that has processed the next time Outlook synchronization runs. The sync process applies changes to outlook items that were previously sent from CRM and updates CRM activities and contacts when changes are made to them in Outlook.

The same process runs automatically at regular intervals or a manual sync can be done anytime and Outlook using the sync option in our atom. Note that when new items are received by outlook, you will be presented with a window to select a destination folder in outlook. A default folder may be chosen here which will then be used for any remaining items sent to outlook. The select folder window is only displayed for new items. Updates to existing ones are automatically processed.

This concludes our outlook integration training video Thank you for your attention feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions via chat phone at 1-800-227-9594 or email callcenter@