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Getting Started

Opportunity Screen Overview

Hello and welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this brief video, we’ll take a look at the opportunity edit page.

Opportunities are a great way to track long-term sales and in OnContact. The organized details about current deals and keep a history of those that are sold. Opportunities may be linked to companies, contacts and activities. This helps organize the key information related to the sale. Opportunities also provide ways to do forecasting, pipeline reports and other sales reporting. The header section of the opportunity page shows information specific to the opportunity such as description, status, sales method and more. Note the company field allows for more than one company to be associated with the opportunity.

Other important fields to populate and maintain are:

  • Stage – which indicates where you currently are in the sales process
  • Amount – which shows the approximate dollar value of the opportunity
  • Percent – to close which is the best estimate as to how close you are to gaining the sale
  • Expected – close which is the date you expect the opportunity to become a sale

These are all fields that can be reported or searched on and are used on the sales dashboard. The contact tree on right displays the people who are connected to the opportunity. They are typically contacts from the opportunity company although could include outside consultants or other important contacts you are working with on this opportunity.

Activities are tied to the specific opportunity and are displayed on that opportunities activities tab. The profile tab provides the sources field, which can be used to tie opportunities to campaigns. This link can be used to show the effectiveness of the campaign. Competitors may also be defined here and won or lost opportunities can be tracked via the reason lost field. Another noteworthy feature is milestones. These are a set of organized activities and assigned rep needs to complete to turn the opportunity into a sale. Milestones are set up and managed by your CRM administrator.