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Tracking in CRM 10 – Opportunity Screen

Opportunity tracking and management is a feature of CRM 10 your sales reps are bound to utilize. In this training video, we’ll be providing an in-depth look at the opportunity main screen within OnContact.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video, we will learn about opportunities and the CRM 10 opportunity main screen. An opportunity represents a potential sale for a specific customer and is the core record type in the sales process. In CRM 10, opportunities are linked to a contact and/or company they can be found and opened from the opportunity tabs on a contact or company or from the global search or from the opportunity search. The Opportunity Screen contains all information about the opportunity.

Opportunity Screen Features

Starting at the top left, the “Opportunity Details” area shows the primary information about the opportunity such as description, status, companies connected to the opportunity and others. The companies and representative fields are called “details fields.” These can store more than one value of that type, such as account and management reps, for example.

  • The “More” button at the top opens additional tabs such as dues, milestones sales, orders and others.
  • The currently selected tab shows its information in the details area.
  • Below the “Details” area, the “Profile” area has additional information about the opportunity such as interests and sources.
  • The contact tree located on the right side of the opportunity main screen is a list of people connected to the opportunity. These are typically employees, although could be consultants, or any person that has an influence on the opportunity.
  • The gear icon next to each contact has options and features connected to that contact, such as logging into a new activity, mail and email merge, sink without look and others.
  • Click a contact to open it in its own main screen. Contacts on the contact main screen are covered in other videos.
  • Navigating back to the Opportunity Screen, the “Recent Activity” list below the contact tree shows newer activities related to the opportunity and its contacts.
  • Click on an activity to open and view it.
  • Back on the opportunity main screen, the edit button opens a drawer that allows changing the opportunity details, profile and notes information.
  • The options menu on the upper right has features that apply to the opportunity such as adding attachments, setting alerts and setting an email that links to the opportunity.

For a higher level view of opportunities, the daily planner has panels and badges that show opportunity summary information and a graphical format. We will cover more details about dashboards in future videos.

This concludes our CRM 10 Opportunity Screen video. We hope you enjoyed this presentation. Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions!