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Getting Started

New Company Search

OnContact has many powerful search features, including New Company Search. Learn how to utilize this tool in the CRM training video below.

There may be times when you need to search on information other than the name of the company or contact that you’d like to work with. If you expand new search you can search for any sort of record in the database. I’m going to select company and here you have several fields available that you can use in combination or alone to search for your information. So for example suppose that I want to find all of the companies that are interested in products and training. I can leave the other fields blank or further filter my search. When you’re ready click search, and your matching records are shown below.

Once you have found search results you have many options available. You can click to select them all, or select one or more records from the list. When you do you can return them to the navigation screen so that you can then work with them in a very quick and efficient way by clicking through the list that appears. You can run reports, you can do a a word merge for a print mailing, or you can do an email message personalized and merged with data fields for these different entities. You can use the workflow button to accomplish many tasks in one quick click such as assigning an activity to each of these companies, or indicate that they’re interested in a certain product, assign them to know territory and so forth. Under options you can also export this list to excel, further filter it or group it by many categories.