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CRM 7-8

Schedule and Send a Mass Email to a List

Watch this quick video to learn how to schedule a mass email for a future date and time using a communication list in OnContact CRM Software.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video, we will learn how to use a communication list to schedule a mass emailing for a future date and time.

We’ll start by adding contacts who will receive our email to the communication list. To do this:

Open the marketing area and use new search contact, located on the left side navigation menu.
Find the contacts you would like to add to your email list and then click select all on the lower right or use ctrl click or shift click to select only certain contacts.
Click the workflow button and then click assign communication list.
Pick the list you’d like to use from the drop-down and then click accept to add the contacts to your list.
To schedule a time and date to send the emails:

  • Click communication list under the new search menu.
  • Search for and open the list we assign contacts to in the previous step.
  • Click the more button and open the runs tab.
  • Click new to add a new run, this is where we will set our specific date and time.
  • First type in a description for the run and then set the date and time to send emails. Make sure the status is set to active. This will enable the scheduler to send the emails at the specific time.
  • Pick a template from the email template drop-down, click save and open to edit more options for the run. The only required field here is the subject, which will be the subject line of your email. The rest of the fields here are optional and may be set as needed.
  • Click save and close to activate the run.

If you would like the email sent at more than one time, add additional runs to the communication list. Results of your emailing may be reviewed on a statistics tab on the communication list. Otherwise activities created by the run, may be viewed by running an activity search from the workspace area.

This concludes our video Sending A Mass Email Using a Communication List. Thank you for watching, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.