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Managing Your To-Do List in CRM 10

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage the To Do List in OnContact CRM 10.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video, we will learn how to manage the to-do list in CRM 10.

A to-do is defined as an open activity assigned to you that is scheduled for today or a past date. There are a number of different panels on the daily planner dashboard that help manage these activities. The to-do panel is one of those and displays the activity in a list. To use this panel, click on an activity to open it, complete the activity updating notes on other information as needed. Set a result on the activity and then save it.

Setting a result on the activity will close the activity and remove it from your to-do list. The goal here is to complete each activity on the list by the end of the day and then when you log into CRM the following day, the to-do list will be populated with a new set of activities.

The filter option can be used to override the default date range and personalize your activity list. For example we can change it to show activities due this week rather than today or past due. To do this, click the filter button, click the filter text, click the gear icon on the bottom right, click the date drop-down and choose this week. Click the checkmark three times to save your filter change.

Another panel is the my pass to activities badge. This panel contains additional tools to help work your to-do list. Click the badge to open your activities in a search screen. Here workflows export to excel sort and all of the other search features are available to you.

For example, we can add the notes column to the results area to view notes before opening the activity. Moving on to the open activities badge, this one shows all of your open activities regardless of due date, so it will show both future and past ones. This badge can also be clicked to open your activities on a search page.

And finally the today’s schedule panel shows activities assigned to you that have a start time and an end time or a duration such as meetings, tasks and appointments. This panel has the same functionality as the to do panel and includes the filter option.

And this concludes our CRM 10 To-Do List video, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.