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CRM 7-8

How to Manage Activities in CRM

If you’re a manager or lead a team of sales reps, OnContact CRM’s activity management tools will come in handy.

In the training video below, you’ll learn best practices in handling the vast array of activities within your database.

There are many ways to monitor all the different activities that might be logged in your system. If you’re a manager or lead a team of representatives the easiest way is to use this management dashboard, which can be completely customized to show you any kind of information you would like to see in the available four panels.

For example, here you can see by user which of your staff have activities that are open and if somebody has too many, you may want to reassign them or give them a hand. The charts are interactive, so by simply clicking on any of the elements of the chart, in this case these are all the activities for Anna, I can simply open a page to help work through each of these or I can select one or more of these activities and I can assign them to somebody else. Each of these can be expanded by clicking in the corner or return to its original size by clicking again. And if you click on select, there’s a number of panels that are available and depending on what your role is, you may want to see a different set. Simply uncheck the panel you do not want and check the one you do.