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How To Add A Custom Field

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How To Add A Custom Field

In this OnContact CRM training video, we’ll be exploring how to add a new custom header field to a main screen (company, contact, incident, or opportunity) using extended properties.

Welcome to OnContact CRM Training. In this video we will add a new custom head to a main screen using extended properties, the main screens on Oncontact CRM are company, contact, incident and opportunity. Note this feature is only available to CRM administrators. Also note columns added with extended properties can be searched on however they cannot be used in reports.

For this video, we will add a text field called legacy system to the company main screen. This process is identical for contact, incident and opportunity main screens. To start in the workspace area,open any company record:

On the upper right corner of the company screen, click the options button.

  • Click select columns from the drop-down and the form layout dialog will open
  • Click the Add button and choose field
  • In the description column, type legacy system. This will be the description for the new field as well as the label for it. Leave the entity set to its default.
  • Click property and leave this set to its default, which is text.
  • Click Save and close and you will be returned to the form layout dialog.
  • Click OK to save your changes and close the form layout dialog.

You will see your changes immediately, other users will have to log out of OnContact and log back in to see the changes.

Thank you for watching feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.