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Dashboards & Filters

Dashboards within OnContact CRM are easy to customize. Learn how to make changes to existing dashboards and create filters within your customer relationship management solution in the training video below.

How to Use Dashboards and Filter for OnContact CRM

It’s easy to customize any of the dashboards available in the system. The dashboards are shown here on the left side of your navigation bar. You’re probably familiar with the daily planner but additional dashboards exist for your sales team, your customer service department, your management team, your marketing team and a calendar.

Let’s take a look at the sales dashboard as an example. And notice that just as the other dashboards, four pains of information are available. Any of these can be expanded to get a closer view or return to its original size. The graphs when you hover over will give you a little hover view of the data, and you can click to actually open up the details behind what was shown on the graph. Notice, Also there’s a button up at the top to select what pains you’d like to see. It’s easy to make a change to simply say uncheck the ones you don’t want and perhaps you want to see your top 10 customers. Simply check the one you do want and the change is made, and it will be remembered the next time you log into the system.

You can also change the filters that are shown. If you click the filter notice that this one is set to show activities that are greater than or equal to today and going back in time old things and that it’s shown to be the current user logged into the system. If you like you could expand other information and add that in as well. So, perhaps you would only like to see certain actions. So in my example I’ll say I want to see a point only the appointments, or I could select other ones as well – such as email. Add that value, click OK and your graph filter has been changed. Again, this will be remembered the next time that you login to the system.