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Getting Started

Creating Saved Searches in Your CRM Database

Did you know? You can create a customized search within OnContact CRM and save it for later use within the system.

In the following video, you’ll learn some best practices for creating saved searches in your own CRM database.

You can create a personalized, customized search and save it for use in the system. In this example, we’re going to create a company search for all the companies located in the state of Illinois.

  1. Click “Options” and build a saved search.
  2. Expand “address” and add the state as part of your search criteria.
  3. You have options for how you want to examine that field and in this case we’re going to say “In” and “check” the state of Illinois.
  4. If I wanted to include additional States, I can select as many as I like and they will all be added to my saved search.
  5. I could continue to add other criteria if I wanted by clicking on the plus sign and I can add operators to say that these values must be true “and” other ones “or” other ones. And I click “OK.”
  6. I can add other criteria as well as I like and can the same way and continue adding parameters.
  7. If I want to keep this for future use, I’ll save it as a name that I will recognize and click
  8. I’ll click “Search” to actually run the search and you can see my Illinois companies are listed.
  9. That search is now also here in my list of saved searches for future use.