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Getting Started

How to Create a New Alert in OnContact CRM

Alerts can be used to keep you and other CRM users informed on important information.

In this CRM training video, learn how to create new alerts and best practices in doing so.

Alerts can be used to put a note on your daily planner for yourself and for other users in the system. These are just like post-it notes to keep you informed and can contain any information you want to add to one.

The best way to add a new alert is to first search for the company or contact that you’re interested in setting the alert for. Open the record and under options notice you have the option for a new alert. You can type in a description for the alert which will show on your daily planner screen and include the contents of whatever you’d like to say.

When you save and close that alert, notice that first an indicator is now appearing here on the record when you open it and can be clicked to display the alert information. Also on your daily planner, if we refresh the screen you’ll see that new alert is now there on my system. When the alert no longer applies open, the alert message and click to dismiss it to remove it from your daily planner.