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Contact Screen Overview

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Getting Started

Contact Screen Overview

The contact screen in OnContact CRM 10 is filled with unique features and functions. In the video below, we’ll be unpacking the contact screen and walking through how to best utilize its helpful features.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about the CRM 10 contact main screen. Starting at the top left, the details area shows frequently viewed items related to the contact such as addresses, emails, phones, status and others. Address, email and phone are called detail fields. These can store more than one value of that type such as shipping and billing addresses for example.

The more button at the top opens additional tabs such as opportunities, notes, attachments and others. The currently selected tab shows its information in the details area. The contact details and history tabs remain open on the tab lists across the top of the record for quick access.

Below the details area the summary area has badges that contain additional details about the contact

  1. Click on a badge to open that information in a list
  2. Click back on contact details to navigate back to the contact main screen. The recent activity list located on the right side of the contact main screen shows newer activities related to the contact.
  3. Click on an activity to open and view its information.

Back on the contact main screen the Edit button opens a drawer that allows editing the contact name profile information and notes. And finally the options menu on the upper right has features that apply to the contact record such as adding attachments, setting alerts, doing email merges and others.

This concludes our CRM 10 Contacts Screen video.  We hope you enjoyed this presentation. Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.