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Comparison CRM 8 & CRM 10 – What’s New?

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about the differences between CRM 8 and CRM 10. CRM 10 has an updated user interface, featuring a new color scheme, redesign, main screen, searches and menu options.

The buttons found at the top section of CRM 8 have been moved to the left side drop down menu in CRM 10. The global search, which replaces quick search is now located on the top section. New features include search ahead and automatic searching in related information like address for example. The user preference area accessed by clicking on your name on the top right now has a security section where your password can be changed in a password recovery question set. The clear cache and reload option clears the CRM cache and then logs back into CRM 10 automatically.

Badges are a new feature in CRM 10, they show a condensed summary of specific information such as active opportunities or open incidents for example. Click a badge to open more details about the information. Drawers another new interface feature open when clicking search results and allow editing of a record without having to open that record in another tab.

Moving on to searches, results are now returned in tile view, which shows the information in a more report like fashion. Grid view is available via the switch layout button. Clicking a record in a search opens that record in a drawer. Click the Open button on either the search results or the drawer to open the record in its main screen. The search filter area also has a new look and features a field that can be used to quickly locate CRM columns without having to scroll through the list. Saved searches are now available in a drop-down incorporated into each based search rather than in a separate area. Saved searches may now be shared with any group without having to contact your CRM administrator.

Main screens have also been redesigned and feature badges updated menus and a new location for tabs now under the more button near the top of the screen. Contact trees now show information in a tile view and can include an image of the contact. The options menu for each contact opens in a drawer rather than in a drop-down list. Dashboards now feature both badge and list panels, an unlimited number of these panels can be shown on CRM 10 dashboards. a scroll bar will appear if necessary.

Finally the marketing section in CRM 10 has been expanded with a new email marketing area that includes the communication queue and communication lists options. previously these are only available in the setup area. the visitors and leads dashboard has been eliminated and that information incorporated into the marketing dashboard in their own panels.

And this concludes our CRM 8 to CRM 10 comparison video feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.