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A Guide to Using the Company Screen Overview – CRM V8

In this CRM resources video, get an inside look at the main company screen within OnContact.

You’ll also learn where to find important tools and resources available to you through this screen within CRM.

Hello and welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this brief video we’ll take a look at the features and options on the company edit page.

Companies in OnContact are your customers, vendors or any other corporate entity you do business with. Header information about the companies such as name, address and phone number can be found on the upper left. Some fields like company name are free form, or click and edit fields. Another type of field found here is the drop-down.

  • Click the column and choose the desired value. Be sure and save the company after making changes to these fields.
  • The detail column allows multiple values such as phone number, address, territory and others to be connected to the company.
  • Click in the detail column to add, remove or edit information in these fields.

The contact tree on the upper right shows people or contacts that are connected to the company. Contacts are typically employees of the company, although consultants or associates of some kind to work with the company may also be linked here.

  • Click on a contact in the tree to open that contact in its own edit page.
  • By hovering over a contact in the tree, an options button appears allowing quick access to several commonly used functions.
  • For example pin to top allows you to move your most frequently used contacts to the top of the tree.
  • The new activity button allows for the ability to quickly create an activity for the selected contact.

There are a number of other convenient shortcuts available from this menu, including mail merge, email merge activity history, and others. The tab area found at the bottom half of the company page contains information related to the company such as activities, opportunities, incidents and others.

  • Click on the more button to show all of the available tabs.
  • Click on any of the tabs listed there to bring that tab to the front.
  • The activity, opportunity and incident tabs are all examples of Lists tabs who are a record can be clicked to open more information about that record.
  • The profile and accounting tabs are examples of header tabs, which have editable columns similar to the main information area on the company screen.