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Guide to Scheduling Mass Email Lists in CRM 10

Learn how to send mass emails using Communication Lists in CRM 10.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn how to send mass emails using the communication list in CRM 10. Let’s start by adding the communication list.

To do this navigate to the marketing area, open the email marketing section and click communication lists. Click the plus button to add a new list and fill in the description. Click save and then open the list you just added.

Next we’ll add a run to our list. A run will set the date and time to send the emails.

  • Click the new communication list Run button and fill in the description date and time. Be sure and change the run status to active. This will enable the scheduler to send the emails at a time of your choice.
  • Fill in the remaining fields noting that red fields are required.
  • Check the create activity option to enable all of the email statistics and tracking features in CRM 10.
  • Add additional runs to the communication list if you’d like to send the same emails more than once.

Next, let’s add recipients to the list. To do this, open the marketing area if necessary and use the contact search to find the people you would like to add to your email list. I’ll use all active contacts in this example although you can choose whatever criterion you’d like. Once those contacts are found –

  • Click select all and then click the workflow button.
  • Choose the assign option and then assign communication list.
  • Pick the list you’d like to use from the drop-down, click accept and then click OK to add the contacts to your list.

To view the results of your mass emailing, reopen the list and click on a completed run to show a summary of that run. The statistics button shows the date and time the run occurred and the number of emails processed. The emails button shows all emails attached to the communication list. Click the more button to show invalid emails. This will only populate after a run occurs and bounces are processed. For more details about mass emailings, navigate to the marketing dashboard and open the emails panel, click on a run there to see the open rate, clicks, bounces and other information about the run.

This concludes our video sending a mass email using a communication list. Thank you for watching feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.