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Getting Started

How To Use Global Search in CRM 10

Learn how to use the Not In Search Operator in CRM 10.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn about the CRM 10 global search feature, which is a quick easy way to find contacts, companies, opportunities and incidents.

To use this feature, click in the search column at the top of the workspace or marketing areas and type in the first few letters of something you’d like to find. For example, in this training we’ll find a company name “Port View Vending Company.” Notice that after the first few letters are typed, global search will open a results page automatically and display records that are a match for your search term. Results are further narrowed down as you continue typing in the search box. Related records like contacts, opportunities, incidents and activities are also retrieved. Results are sorted by rank, which can be changed for each major record type with a secondary alphabetical sort.

To help in finding relevant information, global search uses both “starts with” and “search in” which means that words both at the beginning of and in the middle of a name are searched on. For example, any of the three words in any combination in Port View Vending Company may be used to find that company. In addition to searching on names, global search also scans other related columns like city for example. This is helpful if a company or contact has changed names without your knowledge or if the name just happens to be misspelled.

To work with results, click on a record and view it in a drawer or click the open button on the far right side to open it in its main screen. The global search, although simple in design, is a powerful versatile way to find information quickly in CRM 10.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.