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Getting Started

How to Add to Favorites

Adding favorites within OnContact CRM can be a valuable resource and a great organizational tool.

Learn how to add favorites in the CRM training video below.

If you work with certain contacts or companies on a regular basis, there’s a way to mark them as a favorite item. These items are added to the left hand side of your screen in a list and it acts much the same as your bookmarked items work in a browser. When you have an item in your list a simple click opens the record to save you time. In order to add anything to the list, first search for the record and open it. At the upper right corner of your screen, there is a star icon to add to favorites. When you do, that item will be added to the list. You can remove items from the list by clicking on the red dash to the right. That same button is on all contact records as well as all company records.