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CRM 7-8

How to Add a New Opportunity

If you’re already adding customer and prospect information into your CRM solution, you’ll want to consider utilizing opportunities as well.

In this video, learn how to add new opportunities in OnContact CRM.

When you have a new opportunity for a sale that you want to keep track of in CRM, the best way to enter it is to first display the company that you’re working with. That will save you time if you add an opportunity from the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll end up having to link it to the companies and contacts that are associated with it. So the best way is to do a search and locate the company. And ideally if you’re working with an individual at that company, open their record. You can add a new opportunity by clicking the more tab and select opportunities. Click new, by default the company name is pulled into the description to name the opportunity, but you can change this in any way you like that makes sense for the situation.

Continue and complete the relevant fields including the financial information. In this case, the amount of the sale, the date that you expect them to close on this sale and the percentage to close is how certain you are that you are going to win this business. What’s your best guess at that you can make sure that the sales representative is indicated and you can if you want add additional details and notes. When you save and open this opportunity you have an option to assign milestones if you like, or you can go ahead and add activities to keep track of this throughout the sales cycle.