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How to Add a New Incident in CRM 10

Incidents are utilized to track and maintain customer service-related issues. In the video below, we’ll go over step-by-step instructions for adding a new incident in OnContact CRM 10.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video we will learn how to add a new incident in CRM 10. Incidents are used to track and maintain customer service issues.

To correctly add one and make sure it is linked to the correct contact:

  1. Open that contact in its main screen.
  2. Navigate to the incidents tab and then click the new button.
  3. The contact information area the contact field defaults to the name of the contact the incident was added to the company field defaults to the primary company for that contact. Additional contacts may be added to the incident once it is saved.
  4. Fill in the incident details area to define the product, part and version as well as the type status and priority for the incident.
    1. The notes area for an incident is different from other main screen notes areas.On an incident the notes are the description of the issue, so it is recommended to include as much detail here as possible. Incident notes are searchable so having good details here will be helpful for looking up solutions for future customer service issues. The attachments section is used to connect any external files like images or documents to the incident.
  5. And finally click save and close to complete the ad process.

The new incident will now appear on the incidents tabs for the contact and the primary company for that contact.

This concludes our CRM 10 adding a new incident video. We hope you enjoyed this presentation, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.