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How to Add a New Contact in CRM

Adding a new contact into OnContact CRM is a must-know for all users.

In this CRM resource video, you’ll learn how to do just that, as well as some of the valuable customer information you may want to include.

To add a new contact to CRM the best way to do so is to first search for the company that they’re affiliated with and add the contact directly from there. That will save you time and provide more valuable information when you are interacting with that individual. Contact

Open the company record and the right hand side of the window you’ll see an area to add new contacts, click and enter the contact information.

Many fields are available and it’s best to enter as much as you know about the contact but notice because i did this ad from the company record. The address, city, state, zip code and other company information is pulled into my contact to save me time. I can change it if needed but often it doesn’t need to be changed.

Enter their email address if you know it and you also have an area to add further details to this contact if you know them. It’s a good idea to identify the products or services that this contact is interested in. Those can further be categorized into subgroups. You also have an area to add individual notes about the contact. For example, perhaps this person speaks only spanish and you need to know that before you make contact with them to find a bilingual person in your location.

When you’re finished you can save the record and you can begin working with it immediately by adding the activities and more information to this particular record.