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Step by Step Guide to Adding a New Contact in CRM 10

In the following CRM 10 training video, we’ll be going over how to add a new contact into your database. This feature is useful when there are only a few contacts to add manually.

Welcome to OnContact CRM training. In this video, we will learn how to add a new contact in CRM 10.

The manual add feature is useful when there are just a few contacts to add. In this case, importing isn’t always as efficient, especially when the contact information is on a business card or in an email for example. There are two ways to add a contact in CRM ten. One is attached to a CRM company, and two as a standalone contact not attached to a company. We will cover both in this video.

Start with adding a contact to a company, this is the best way to add a contact when it’s meant to be attached to a specific company.

  • To do this first make sure you are on the workspace area and then open the company on its main screen.
  • Next click the options menu above the contact tree and click new. The new contact page will open where the contact information is filled in. The only required fields here are contact first name and last name and once those are populated, the record is considered complete and it may be saved.

For best efficiency, it is recommended to fill in as much information as possible on the add screens. Note the company, the company primary address and company primary phone are added to the contact by default. This may be changed now or later if desired. Additional address and phones and companies may be added once the contact is saved.

The tabs on the ad screen are details, notes and duplicate. The details area has additional fields related to the contact that may be filled in. Notes are freeform and meant for general information about the contact. The duplicates option checks to see if the contact already exists. If so, it will show the existing contact in a list. At that point, adding the new contact may be canceled and you may navigate to the existing contact. Duplicate checking is also done when save is clicked, making the check for duplicates feature optional. And finally, click save and close to complete the process of adding the new record. You will now see the contact on the company contact tree.

To add a standalone contact –

  • Make sure you’re in the workspace area and then click the new button on the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click contact and the new contact page will open now. From here the steps are just like adding the contact to a company, except no address or phone information will be defaulted.

This concludes our CRM 10 adding a new contact video. We hope you enjoyed this presentation, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions.