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Knowledge-Based ERP and CRM Support

Our Customer Commitment

We understand that good support is all about fast answers from deeply knowledgeable people, tools and processes. WorkWise sets itself apart from the competition by offering a knowledgeable, efficient and friendly support team committed to providing care and finding solutions.

Highlights of our ERP & CRM Support Program Include:

  • A dedicated support team to diagnose and solve issues quickly and effectively
  • Ability to submit requests via web, chat, email, phone and fax
  • Log, update and view your case online
  • A substantial ERP and CRM knowledge-base library for 24/7 self-service support
  • Disaster recovery and emergency services
  • A multi-point support system

Our Multi-Point Support System

We provide our customers with a multi-point support system that conforms to every need of each individual customer. Whether you want to know the latest information pertaining to a particular topic, or have a question that needs a quick answer right now, we have it.

rapid response

Rapid Response

We understand there will be times when you have a critical system issue that must be addressed quickly. In these cases, we strive to respond immediately to your call and resolve your issue in an expeditious and timely manner. Keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority.

Asset & Contract Management

Our Lean Process

We understand that the more efficient our solutions are at getting you answers, the more effective you are in your day-to-day activities. Our systems have been specifically designed to direct you to the most effective method of answering your needs. We have determined the value stream that you need to be productive, and then eliminated the waste that causes inefficiencies and time lags. We have built these processes on some of the same lean principles that we use in improving your manufacturing processes.

Gmail Integration

Our Methods


  • Rapid Answer: Focuses on hot critical needs, and getting you fast, workable answers.
  • Full Scope: A full diagnostic approach to help you determine both the root cause and the relevant solution to your questions.
  • Broad Scope: Allows you to scan all the available solutions in any area, and to determine which of those solutions can have specific benefit for your business.


Our People

We know that every software company claims that their people are the best. But when you call their support area, you find people who not only don’t understand the software, but don’t understand your manufacturing business. And with many larger software companies, your support may even be coming from a foreign country. At WorkWise, we find this unacceptable. Our knowledgeable and experienced support technicians are located in Milwaukee,WI and each have an average of 8 years experience.


Our Tools

Our Support tool is one of the finest available on the market today. How do we know this? We not only use is it every day in our business, but we also sell it to our very best customers. We track each and every communication with every customer to its successful completion, and within our strict guidelines of response. And if a call starts to challenge our guidelines, it is immediately escalated to higher levels of management. Our Knowledge Database tool provides you with online access to an extensive library of documented solutions and answers to frequently asked questions. You can research and view more than 5000 proven answers. You can use it to answer that little question that has been nagging you, or to find that new direction for a major area of your business. Our Knowledge Database is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you the freedom and convenience of “self-service” support.

Web Visitor Tracking

Our Results

The best testimony to our support success comes from the voices of our customers. We have kept over 95% of our customers over the last 15+ years. Ask one of our customers today.

Our Support Plan Entitles You To:

  • Unlimited, toll free calls to our Call Center 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time, during normal business days.
  • Research of problems in the application software and access to source code to correct application software errors.
  • A 24-hour hotline number for disaster recovery assistance.
  • Special discount on services.
  • Unlimited Internet access, 24 hours per day, to post a question or check the status of your other support questions.
  • Unlimited immediate access to the Knowledge Database via the Internet, providing over 5,000 proven solutions.
  • Free software refreshes/update kits for customer’s current version.
  • Unlimited access to the latest version of the software.

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