Ensure a Successful CRM Implementation

For a Seamless CRM Implementation, We’ve Got You Covered

OnContact offers a wide range of professional services  to ensure a successful CRM software implementation. From system installation and project consulting, to data migration, customizations and user training, the experts at OnContact CRM software will guide you through a seamless CRM roll-out.

Our CRM Professional Services


Our CRM team can help tailor your implementation by making changes to the database and adding screens and custom logic to the system.


If you need to bring complex data into OnContact CRM, our professionals can help perform the migration to ensure data is ported properly.


Our team can provide customized, one-on-one CRM training on advanced topics such as Workflow, Reports, Incidents, Campaign Management and more.


Are you getting the most out of your CRM software? Let our experts conduct an Operation Review to maximize your usage and improve sales & marketing efforts.


Our project managers are available to guide you through your CRM implementation and ensure all necessary components are in place for a seamless roll-out.


Whether your CRM solution is hosted or on-premise, we can provide you with the road map, technical consulting and training to leverage product enhancements.


Our team of technical consultants is ready to assist with IT-related functions, including database administration, server configuration, connectivity and data conversion.


We can help you minimize risk during periods of change by helping document the knowledge necessary for your users to quickly and efficiently execute their assigned tasks.

OnContact CRM Implementation Process

Our experts will guide you through your CRM implementation to ensure your goals and timelines are met and your business processes are properly defined and captured in OnContact CRM software.

Your core team will receive training and advice in each step of the process. Typically, this includes:

  • CRM Overview Training

  • Administrator Training

  • Customizing the Database

  • Importing or Adding Data

  • Testing & End-User Rollout

Quick Start Implementation Option

F or smaller-scale or simple CRM implementations, we offer a Quick Start Option at a flat rate to provide Initial Setup Training and Support.

This Includes:

  • OnContact CRM set up of up to 3 users and training on system setup and administration requirements
  • Application Overview
  • Administrator Training
  • Main Pages and Drop Down Field Configuration (Set Up Tables)
  • Outlook Integration Training
  • Basic Import for a single, standard spreadsheet, including training and assistance

Advanced Implementation Consulting

F or large-scale or complex CRM implementations, we offer advanced consulting services to streamline your implementation.

This Includes:

  • Identify the CRM project scope, timeline and user/management expectations
  • Determine the requirements for data importing and complete the data migration
  • Outline business processes and develop best strategy for CRM implementation and database setup
  • Develop CRM software training plan and rollout to your users
  • Identify any potential customizations