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WorkWise Introduces Complimentary Lean Assessment to Improve Effectiveness in ERP Lean Manufacturing Systems

Posted by WorkWiseSoftware | May 10, 2012

The WorkWise “Are You Lean Enough” assessment is a series of 70 questions designed to establish a baseline for a company’s Lean manufacturing initiative.

After working with 100’s of manufacturers, WorkWise has developed an approach to Lean manufacturing that goes well beyond the standard and rigid definition.

WorkWise defines Lean as the determination of the right combination of value for the customer’s needs, and producing that value in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The reason that WorkWise developed this definition is to avoid the myopic view that spawns arguments about which method or technique is right or wrong. It is all about value and delivering it in the most expeditious manner possible. It is not just about inventory reduction, or leveled production, or movement studies: but is about using all the tools and techniques available to achieve the goals of value and the most effective methods of achieving that value.

Lean manufacturing certainly includes a discussion of TPS, JIT, Kanban, Kaizen, and 5S, but also, in the right circumstance should include MRP, Agile, TOC, and others.

“We experienced a 27% reduction in inventory, over a two year period of time, by implementing WorkWise Kanban, This combined with the use of their product configurator, has resulted in reduced lead-times to our customers and a substantial reduction in carrying costs”. – Dave Gorton, Inventory Control Supervisor of ASI Technologies, Inc.

“Lean manufacturing has been a valuable tool in providing our customers the dual benefits of adding more value while removing waste from their organization. However, many companies can easily misapply lean philosophies. As an example, the lowering of a product’s work in process inventory solely for lean purposes may actually result in late deliveries, production inefficiencies, and lower customer satisfaction. It is only by analyzing the individual situation that an optimal lean solution be determined. We have found that most organizations require a unique blend of lean philosophy, ERP execution, bottleneck theory and other techniques to maximize their end results.” – Jay Gentle, WorkWise Director of Professional Service

The WorkWise Lean Assessment, available at no charge, on the WorkWise Inc. web site, is a first step in the process.

About WorkWise:

WorkWise, Inc. is a customer-centric solution provider of the RB-ERP manufacturing system. In addition, WorkWise provides a full range of offerings, including Customer Support, Consulting, Technical and Integration Services. WorkWise offers solutions to make-to-order, repetitive and mixed-mode manufacturers to shorten cycle times, reduce inventory and improve customer service. Companies that require solutions that simplify and optimize manufacturing information, supply chain management, manufacturing execution and planning can enhance their operations through use of RB-ERP by taking time out of the business processes and increasing value-add in products and services.

For additional information in the U.S., contact:

Harry Mosesian 
Director of Sales & Marketing
WorkWise, Inc.
Phone: 772-341-2085
email: harry.mosesian(at)workwiseinc(dot)com

Jay Gentle 
Director of Services
WorkWise, Inc.
Phone: 414-577-5306
email: jay.gentle(at)workwiseinc(dot)com

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