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Manufacturers Adapt to Rapid Changes with Workwise’s New Release of RB-ERP®

Posted by WorkWiseSoftware | November 01, 2012

Manufacturers need to adapt to the rising onslaught of change demanded by customers, competition, and new technologies. Once again, WorkWise has announced new innovations that will allow manufacturers to not only adapt to this rapid change, but also to use those adaptations to surpass their competition.

“Transform” was the theme of this year’s national customer conference. Customers were shown how to adapt to the current, rapidly changing requirements of customers, technologies, and competition. “We all know that change is occurring daily, and our success depends on our ability to adapt and conquer that change”, said Harry Mosesian, WorkWise Director of Sales and Marketing. In keeping with the theme, WorkWise presented the latest release of their flagship product, RB-ERP®, a product that’s inherently designed to control the forces of change.

To start the conference, WorkWise President Wayne Wedell elaborated, “Manufacturers must continuously search for ways to improve their products, processes and customer service; to stand out in their market space. Organizations must successfully “transform” their business model to outpace their competition, ultimately growing their sales and profits. Even though our economy continues to slowly recover, new demands on organizations are escalating which makes for a challenging business climate. Your need to streamline business processes while incorporating the latest, proven technologies, is greater than ever before. The Version 9.5 release of our innovative Role-Based ERP Information System will help you to tailor the core functions of your business resulting in far greater operational productivity. “

Today, WorkWise announced volume shipments of Release V9.5 of RB-ERP. Significant features of V9.5 include:

Wedell continued, “At WorkWise, we continue to have our foot on the accelerator of new product development We continue to build upon our exclusive Role-Based approach by adding functionality that can be activated by user and role, allowing each user to perform their jobs more efficiently, in less time and with more accuracy.” Since the introduction of this latest generation of their product in 2009, WorkWise has upgraded over 75% of their customer base to the new technology.

“The customer satisfaction demonstrated by the over 300 people at our conference was a great testament to the work we have done to bring our products forward”, said Harry Mosesian, Director of Sales & Marketing. “The marketplace has also been very receptive to our role-based methodology, and mid-sized discrete manufacturers have been selecting RB-ERP to help grow their business”.

About WorkWise:

WorkWise is a customer-centric solution provider of the RB-ERP erp manufacturing system. In addition, WorkWise provides a full range of offerings, including Customer Support, Consulting, Technical and Integration Services. WorkWise offers solutions to make-to-order, repetitive and mixed-mode manufacturers to shorten cycle times, reduce inventory and improve customer service. Companies that require solutions that simplify and optimize manufacturing information, supply chain management, manufacturing execution and planning can enhance their operations through use of RB-ERP by taking time out of the business processes and increasing value-add in products and services.

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