The Future of ERP: Top ERP Trends for 2014

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry is continuously evolving to fit the needs of its users. Let’s take a look at four of the top ERP trends for 2014 and beyond.

    1. Mobility. The use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is on the rise and showing no signs of slowing. Today’s workforce is increasingly becoming more and more mobile, driving demand for greater flexibility and the ability to access information from all sorts of remote locations. ERP offerings are evolving to accommodate a more mobile environment – giving business professionals remote access to critical information such as key performance indicators (KPIs), finances, inventory levels, sales orders, and customer information. We expect ERP mobile business intelligence solutions to remain a priority in 2014 and beyond.
    2. Cloud-based ERP. These days it seems everything is moving towards an “in the cloud” model, and ERP is not immune from that trend. Demand has been growing for cloud-based ERP solutions, which tend to be less expensive and quicker to implement than their on-premise counterparts. Many ERP vendors have jumped on the “in the cloud” bandwagon, and we expect this to continue to gather steam in 2014.
    3. More informed buyers. An abundance of ERP information, case studies, white papers and so forth are making it easier for businesses to do their due diligence and become better informed buyers of ERP software.
    4. Tough competition. In the ERP market, ERP vendors are divided loosely into or tiers, or types. Tier 1 vendors generally serve large global businesses, while Tier 2 serves mainly small to mid-market businesses. Even though the larger and well-known Tier 1 vendors have done a pretty good job retaining market share, Tier 2 vendors continue to gain momentum. It is often said that Tier 1 vendors “buy” innovations while Tier 2 vendors “create” it. This boost in innovation has lead Tier 2 to gain in market share and introduce some fierce competition into the mix.
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