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The WorkWise ERP Event Manager with Mobile Alerts allows ERP users to communicate instantly with each other using instant messaging, desktop event notifications, and alerts. Users can choose from 85 tailorable exception conditions that can be delivered to their desktop, email or mobile device.

Users can control where and when to receive alerts. Administrators can also create subscriptions and modify existing subscriptions for users and WorkWise ERP groups.

WorkWise ERP Event Manager with Heads-Up Mobile Alerts

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ERP Mobile Pop-up Alerts
ERP Mobile Email Alerts
ERP Mobile Texts Alerts

Instant alerts notify users the instant that an event occurs, and gives them the ability to respond immediately. Users can subscribe to alerts to receive notifications for specific events, of which they are notified via desktop, email or mobile device.

Some examples include:

  • When a new item is created
  • When a user‐defined alert is triggered in the Performance Management WorkBench
  • When a purchased item is received
  • When an approved requisition is changed
  • When a Credit Hold is Released
  • When a Promise Date is Changed

Events can generate notifications and alerts through WorkWise ERP notification message boxes, email and SMS (mobile text messages).

Access your ERP Data from Anywhere

With the WorkWise ERP Mobile Metrics app, your data is always accessible. Mobile Metrics gives you access to your ERP data from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Access your ERP data anywhere with the Mobile Metrics app