WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

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Material Planning by WorkWise ERP Software

Successfully Forecast & Plan Using MRP

The WorkWise ERP Material Requirements Planning (MRP) application helps determine what products should be produced, in what quantity, and by what date. It allows you to easily schedule and forecast product demand, and creates a complete material plan which determines the quantities and delivery schedules of needed components.

With MRP the forecasted or actual customer demand is translated through all levels of the bill of materials. It takes into account current inventory status and lead times to produce a specific, time-phased plan for the manufacture and procurement of component items. MRP provides powerful planning techniques, lot sizing for volume based items to lot sizes of 1, and also critical just-in-time techniques such as delivering materials to operational start times.

Using the WorkWise ERP capabilities that enable structuring both Rules-Based and Matrix Bills of Materials, MRP can assist in lowering inventories and making them more flexible. It allows multi-location planning and multi-level drill-down pegging so production planning personnel can quickly be alerted to potential problems.

Material Requirements Planning Key Features

  • One-click exception message follow-ups
  • Automated replenishment advice
  • Min/Max/Multiple and Safety Stock
  • Full pegging to source of demand
  • Unlimited bucketing views
  • Fast regeneration
  • Lot-for-Lot and fixed period planning

Material Requirement Planning Benefits

The correct type and quantity of materials are available for production

Products are available to ship to customers

Maintains the smallest possible material and product levels

Plans manufacturing activities

Plans delivery schedules

Plans when items need to be purchased