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The WorkWise ERP Routings application provides everything you need for accurate and flexible scheduling, the basis for work loading, and the source of the planned cost for direct, indirect, and overhead costs associated with plant, equipment and personnel.

The Routings applicaiton gives you the the ability to establish Matrix Routings so that a master operations list can be cross-referenced to a configured product’s requirements.

The General Routing feature enables the establishment of a single routing that can be attached to multiple products requiring the same basic operation steps.


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Discover how Racine Metal Fabricating uses WorkWise ERP eProduction to increase productivity, improve accuracy, reduce errors and save money.

Routings Features and Benefits

  • Set up, run standards
  • Notes and text instructions
  • Connect electronic work instructions
  • Unlimited alternate Routings
  • General Routes provide single routing; can be attached to multiple products
  • Total cost and complete scheduling view
  • Determine value-added costs
  • Calculate capacity requirements, scheduling production activities
  • Report actual work performed
  • Follow and track progress throughout the production process
  • Outside processes manage sub-contracting of operations, integrate with purchasing and production costing