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The Impact of Hidden Quality Costs

Production Quality costs have been estimated to run at 20-50% of total sales for the average manufacturing company. Since many of these costs are hidden from the eyes of normal business reporting systems, many companies have no idea of their magnitude. To tackle these costs head-on, companies need to implement inexpensive production quality tools that can proactively identify these costs, actively correct these problems, and allow implementation of the controls to prevent them in the future.

Production Quality Costs

Quality Management is a Complete System for:

  • Tracking all your quality activities (plan, prioritize, assess, measure, improve)
  • Identifying problems early
  • Managing the speedy process of correcting those problems
  • Managing all your training needs to keep people skills effective
  • Managing your tools and gages for up-to-date accuracy
  • Decreasing production quality costs

Our Quality Partner, uniPoint

WorkWise has partnered with uniPoint Software, an industry leader in configure-to-order Quality Management Software Systems. uniPoint’s unique Quality Management Software is designed to help your company automate it’s journey toward excellence, offering built-in quality methodologies, advanced user workflow, and eliminating all manual forms, log files, spreadsheets, and redundant data-entry. It can drastically reduce your audit and management review preparation time, saving you hundreds of hours every year.


  • Go Paperless!
  • User To-Do Lists
  • 80 Analysis Reports
  • ISO Compliance Tool
  • Unlimited Attachments
  • View Historical Audit Trail
  • Broadcast Email Capability
  • Customize Data Labels
  • 3-6 Month ROL
  • Export Reports to Office, Email or PDF
  • NEW! uniPoint Mobile
WorkWise ERP Software by uniPoint


  • Non-Conformance
  • Corrective/Preventative Action
  • Tooling & Equipment Management
  • Document Control
  • Customer Service
  • Key Indicators
  • Trend Analysis
  • Requests
  • To-Do List
  • Inspection
  • Auditing
  • Health & Safety
  • Education & Training
  • Validation
  • Surveys
  • Supplier Management
  • uniPoint Mobile
  • Knowledge Base
  • Web Requests
  • Web Document Viewer
  • Web Sign-Offs
Quality for WorkWise ERP Modules

Additional Quality Management Features


The uniPoint Suite was developed using Visual Studio .NET. The reports are written in Crystal, allowing users to easily modify and create new Quality reports.


We bridge a multitude of quality standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS16949, AS9100 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 &Part 820 Compliance.


You can send electronic NC/CPA documents and To-Do notification using e-mail. Recipients can then add their input and forward the quality record to its next stage. Each user can be setup with different access rights per module: No Access, Read Only, Edit or Full Rights.


You can evolve to an ERP “paperless quality system” where all documents can be shared, viewed or e-mailed. Everyone with security access can view relevant documents from their own workstation to stay informed of the status of each quality record.

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