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WorkWise ERP Mobile Metrics

ERP data in the palm of your hand

Business Metrics by WorkWise empowers users by giving them instant access to graphs and data from any mobile device. Your data is always accessible, enhancing business performance and productivity, and making your business processes more flexible.

Available to all WorkWise ERP Business Metrics users, this powerful mobile app keeps you connected to your data on the go, so you’re never out of touch.

The Business Metrics mobile app gives you access to your WorkWise ERP data from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Business Metrics Features

  • Mobile access to WorkWise ERP data
  • Invoices, Backlog, Vendor and Production performance information
  • Mobile access to your WorkWise ERP data, including push alerts
  • View data in intuitive graphs and charts
  • Easily filter data and drill down to grids
  • Choose data sets that are critical to you

Increased productivity and more informed decision making

Secure access to WorkWise ERP information anytime, anywhere

Become informed before the problem becomes unmanageable

Solve production or delivery problems ahead of time

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