WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Simplify your asset management


Manage Fixed Assets from Acquisition to Disposal

WorkWise offers a complete Fixed Asset application developed and supported by our Business Partner, Decision Support Technology, and integrated with WorkWise ERP.

Tracking the status and value of your business’s fixed assets – like furniture, machinery, electronics, buildings and more – throughout their life-cycle can be an intimidating task. The Fixed Assets application helps you accurately track the varied life-cycles of all your fixed assets.

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Fixed Assets Features

Simplify your fixed asset management

  • Quick and easy setup with personalized phone support
  • Intelligent data entry wizards
  • Automatic validation of fixed asset depreciation schedule information
  • Flexible data conversion from other packages

Eliminate hidden costs

  • Correct inaccurate fixed asset depreciation calculations
  • Completely depreciate older fixed assets
  • Easily integrate with your General Ledger

Save Time & Money

  • Increase worker productivity
  • Recover lost tax deductions
  • Reduce property tax payments
  • Eliminate unnecessary insurance coverage

Fixed Asset Depreciation Methods

  • Alternative MACRS (ADS)
  • Declining Balance depreciation
  • Sum of the Years Digits
  • Remaining Balance over
  • Straight line depreciation

Additional Fixed Asset Calculations

  • MACRS, 40% Rule Violation
  • Section 179 Deduction
  • Adjustment to Basis
  • Adjustment to Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Luxury Auto & Truck Limitations
  • Multiple Short Years
  • 30% & 50% Bonus Depreciation for Fixed Assets

Calculate fixed asset depreciation for any period

  • Fixed asset depreciation is automatically calculated at run time
  • Run historical records
  • Generate future projections
  • Complete/partial transfer and disposal

Flexible Data Export

  • All fixed asset reports can be exported to a file
  • File formats include Excel or ASCII file
  • One click selection of each field to export
  • User defined order of export fields
  • Optionally include depreciation schedule data
  • Easily limit output by setting filter(s) on any field(s)
  • Process thousands of records in under 60 seconds

Fixed Assets Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with latest Tax and GAAP Regulations
  • Dynamic depreciation and reports for any time periods
  • Eliminates rounding errors
  • Full audit trail for each asset
  • Standard and Ad Hoc reporting
  • Journal entries created for General Ledger