WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Complete Tailored Source and Use Analysis

ERP Cash Management

Comprehensive financial information

WorkWise Cash Management combines your financial data with drivers and projections to project a solid forecast of the source and use of funds. Cash Management provides alternative methods of assembling cash source and cash use information from the WW-ERP database ranging from open accounts receivable items to MRP planned orders. You can select the method that makes the most sense for your company’s business model and practices.

You can set up several alternate scenarios which demonstrate different business conditions, when each element should begin to affect the cash projection and the ability to specify how far in the future the data is projected. For example, if you have a backlog of customer orders that runs two months out, you might want to start to use the General Ledger budget for sales beginning in the 3rd month as the continuing source related to sales.

Cash Management Features

  • User defined periods and Drivers
  • Rolling Cash Forecast
  • Cash Status and Sources/Uses Projections with Graphical presentation
  • Sources: Accounts Receivable, Customer Orders and General Ledger
  • Uses: Accounts Payable, Purchasing, General Ledger and Material Requirements Planning
  • Other Sources and Uses such as incoming rental income or capital lease payments
  • Full Drill-Downs to Sources and Uses
  • MS/Excel Import and Export

Cash Management Benefits

Forecast cash flows

Simplify the reconciliation process

Forecast based on past or future transactions

Detect exceptions and fraud by exposing the details of all ERP source and use data

Efficiently manage your cash cycle