WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Real Time Adjustment of Load and Capacity

WorkWise ERP and Capacity Requirements Planning

Simulate changes made to capacity, load &  build schedule

The WorkWise ERP Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) application offers real time adjustment of Load and Capacity to resolve conflicts. This powerful new function allows users to run simulations and use shop floor scheduling tools to view capacity requirements.

WorkWise ERP Software is TEC Certified

certified ERP software

“The best-kept secret in ERP software.” WorkWise ERP software is now TEC certified.

Capacity Requirements Planning

CRP Allows Users to Simulate:

  • Dragging and dropping rescheduling
  • Color-coding load/overload by day
  • Adjusting calendars for work center capacities
  • Switching to an alternate work center
  • Drilling down to shop order detail
  • Checking material stock status
  • Switching work centers from finite to infinitely loaded
  • Modifying and importing MPS forecast and firm planned orders
  • Iteratively running MRP
  • Copying plan to a review file for editing and consolidation of requirements
  • Creating shop orders
  • Viewing shop floor schedule/requirements
  • Improving throughput by quickly resolving load imbalances
  • Visually viewing results before releasing to shop