WorkWise ERP Manufacturing Software

Create a clear roadmap of any business process

Create, Update and Improve your Business Processes

The Business Process Repository (BPR) is a tool that makes it easy for your team to create, collect, and organize your business processes. In a world where processes change quickly, the BPR helps keep business processes constantly organized and up-to-date.

The BPR helps your team build a smart process repository that is automatically organized by department and role. Automatically document any business procedure, simply by pressing a button. Record screenshots and step-by-step instructions as you perform any business process.

BPR Features

Business Process Recorder BPR
  • Launch directly from ERP
  • Fast and automatic recording
  • Automatically organize by department and role
  • Maintain a cloud-based library of business procedures
  • Easy to update
  • Output to the web, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or as a PDF

Access your ERP Data from Anywhere

With the WorkWise ERP Mobile Metrics app, your data is always accessible. Mobile Metrics gives you access to your ERP data from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Access your ERP data anywhere with the Mobile Metrics app

Top 6 Reasons To Use BPR

Dramatically cut down on new employee transition costs

Documenting procedures, testing, troubleshooting and more

Effortlessly keep your processes and process improvements well-organized, and accessible

Become ISO-compliant

Engage your employees by making them part of the business improvement process

No more system knowledge loss due to turnovers or employee separations.