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ERP for the Metal Fabrication Industry

ERP for the Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabricators create components and parts from a variety of raw materials through processes such as cutting, machining, welding and assembling. Fabricators are facing many challenges, including shrinking margins, a lack of skilled labor and increasing customer demands that force them to do more and more with less.

The WorkWise Enterprise Resource Planning solution is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers meet deadlines while preserving margins.

The team at WorkWise is phenomenal. I highly recommend Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP to any company looking to improve their processes, improve their efficiency, become more productive and work with a company who really gets to know them and understands what they’re going through.

Mike Campise,

IT Systems Administrator at Racine Metal Fab


What Are Your Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Pain Points?

Because metal fabrication involves creating different metal products through a multiple step process, challenges often arise throughout the process. From the timely procurement of raw materials and the management of outside processes to a dwindling manufacturing workforce and tighter order deadlines, this industry faces its share of challenges.

Too Much or Too Little Inventory

Do you struggle with having material available when you need it without keeping too much inventory on hand?

Scheduling Around Outside Vendors

Do you have visibility of vendors who provide coating, heat treating, anodizing and other processes and include their service in your work schedule?

Lack of Skilled Labor

Are you forced to still meet deadlines with a lean workforce?

Narrow Margins

Does your business have to shrink its margins in order to stay competitive?

Tight Deadlines

Are you facing consistently tighter deadlines in your effort to stay competitive?

Inadequate Scheduling

Do you continually have an inconsistent production schedule leading to shop floor bottlenecks and fire drills?

What Makes Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Unique for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers?

Better Management of Inventory

Better Management of Inventory

With increased visibility into inventory levels and multiple methods of replenishment, including Material Requirements Planning, Reorder Point Analysis, Master Production Scheduling and Kanban, proper inventory levels are maintained and materials are available for production when needed.

Margin Transparency Through the Accurate Calculation of Selling Prices Based on Production Costs

Margin Transparency Through the Accurate Calculation of Selling Prices Based on Production Costs

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Estimating application provides the ability to gather the real costs of labor and materials, complete with overhead, to calculate a selling price with margin transparency.

Visibility of Jobs

Visibility of Jobs

Through Visual Scheduling, managing work center capacity, outside processors, skilled labor availability, materials availability and tooling constraints are in one place and jobs are scheduled knowing the work can be done.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Software for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers

+- 6 Challenges Faced and How Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Can Help

Struggles Retaining Customers

A common concern for businesses is how to provide a positive customer service experience in order to maintain their customer base. Your business may struggle with not answering or returning phone calls quickly, ineffective marketing campaigns and even dropping the ball on customer tracking. The OnContact CRM integration tracks both customers and campaigns as well as tracks customer communication data with your business.

Low Productivity

It may take loads of time to complete simple yet tedious tasks, which takes away from focusing on larger scale goals. Thanks to Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP’s streamlining and automation capabilities, metal fabrication manufacturers can focus on larger tasks at hand, getting more work done on a daily basis.

Fluctuating Inventory

The Materials suite gives metal fabrication manufacturers control over their material functions with special thanks to the Inventory module. Enhance your customer service and increase inventory turns with this module. Metal Fabrication Manufacturers can replenish their products and materials without increasing their investment in inventory.

Inconsistent Production Schedule

Keeping up with your shop floor changes can be a difficult task to manage, especially the larger a business becomes. The WorkWise Production suite streamlines the manufacturing process so that you are able to keep up with shop floor changes, scheduling and reporting.

Poor Delivery Performance

The Planning suite can assist manufacturers who struggle with their production delivery. Manage your production schedule, plan capacity and materials requirements and generate accurate statistical forecasts.

Inaccurate Job Cost Predictions

Any inaccuracies involving a company’s finances can spell serious trouble for a business, which is why the Job Cost module is a necessity. With the module, users can determine both labor and material costs for each job, which eliminates having to make inaccurate estimates.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Key Features for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers

  • Inventory – making sure that you have a sizable amount of inventory in stock ensures that your business is able to produce products on a consistent basis without any hold ups. This in turn creates customer satisfaction.
  • Job Cost – compare planned and actual costs as well as use reports to calculate estimates for jobs. Maintain your finances and provide information to your customers with accurate estimates.
  • CRM Integration – improve your customer service experience with the CRM integration, which helps both marketing and sales teams with campaigns and lead management.
  • Business Metrics – Complete “Fingers on the Pulse” pro-active alerts and KPI Measurements including email, dashboard and mobile alerts will keep you on the leading, not bleeding edge of the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Solution Benefits

Using Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP can bring your metal fabrication manufacturing business a host of welcomed benefits including:

  • Stronger customer service
  • Financial accuracy
  • Steady stream of inventory
  • Production management

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