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ERP for the Industrial Equipment Industry

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers: A Complex, Robust Industry

Industrial equipment manufacturers produce everyday essential tools, from basic power and hand tools to larger tools such as drum heaters, industrial fans, heavy-duty metalworking machines and custom industrial products. With such range of industrial equipment products, it’s inevitable that no workday will be the same and these manufacturers may experience challenges from time to time.

WorkWise’s ERP software gives manufacturers total visibility into into their processes. It helps improve work efficiencies, streamline operations and manage complexities so you can focus on what matters – growing your business. Our ERP solution is built for today’s made-to-order, engineer to order and mixed mode manufacturers. Choose from 8 suites and 45 essential applications.

“The WorkWise team was excellent, and knew the product and process in depth. They were very responsive to our every need. The results speak for themselves. We did the conversion on a Saturday, and were back in our homes right after lunch.”

-Joseph Roesler, Vice President of Finance at Nercon


What Are Your Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Pain Points?

All industries face their fair share of pain points, and industrial equipment manufacturers are no different. From shrinking margins and workforces to a rise in demand from customers, industrial equipment manufacturers face pain points that Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP can solve.

Long Material Lead Times

Do you have long wait times that effect your ability to schedule and meet production deadlines?

Unstructured Supply Chain Management

Are you relying on multiple systems to manage your suppliers and inventory?

Margin Uncertainty

Are your margins shrinking or are you unsure of what your margins are?

Unable to Create Quotes Quickly

Does your business rely on complex and time consuming calculations and spreadsheets to prepare quotes?

Dwindling Workforce & Lack of Skilled Labor

Is a lack of skilled laborers affecting the ability to meet production deadlines?

Unable to Keep Up With Customer Demands

Are your customers taking their business elsewhere based on issues with your customer service?

What Makes Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Unique for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers?

Visual Scheduling

Visual Scheduling

Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling provides a bigger picture of your production facility and what is effecting your production workcenter capacity, material availability, skills and toolings.

Production Dispatch and Reporting

Production Dispatch and Reporting

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Production Dispatch and Reporting application delivers a real-time dispatch to the shop floor of operations at work centers and materials needed. This provides a collection of hours of time or jobs, quantity completed and materials issues.

Mobile Inventory Control

Mobile Inventory Control

WorkWise’s Mobile Inventory Control gives users the ability to validate and update transactions in real time, which reduces error rates and improves inventory accuracy.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Software for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

+- 6 Challenges Faced and How Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Can Solve Them

Long Material Lead Times

Long material wait times can lead to a slower production schedule and money lost. Once that happens, not only are products unable to be created in a timely manner, but it begins to effect delivery, which can lead to customer service issues. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP’s Material Requirements Planning application determines what product should be produced, in what quantity and by what specific date. It gives you the right materials at the right time.

Unstructured Supply Chain Management

As your business grows, you may begin to experience an unstructured supply chain – especially dealing with an outdated homegrown ERP systems or even multiple systems – all of which were originally designed to keep your business organized! Utilizing Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP’s Bills of Materials allows manufacturers to outline the structural composition of products they sell, cost or plan. All of your business information is organized in one central place.

Margin Uncertainty

Managing a company’s financials is a crucial part of business. It determines an array of events, from paying your employees to purchases, invoicing and buying needed products. The Job Cost applicaiton assists with cost control, which gives you a complete view and total control of your finances.

Unable to Create Quotes Quickly

A lot of time can be wasted and inaccuracies start appear when calculating quotes through spreadsheets. Quickly streamline your quotes with the WorkWise Quotations application, which includes your latest pricing, availability, notes and images. It allows you to generate quotes quickly and accurately.

Dwindling Workforce and Lack of Skilled Laborers

When your workforce is small, there is a chance that it will be difficult to continue business operations under a specific time period. Streamlining and automation, features of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, help to make up for lost time and a smaller work force by completing tasks quickly and accurately.

Unable to Keep Up With Customer Service Demand

Unhappy customers can be a casualty of business, but it can be prevented if your customer service is thorough and quick to react. Our customer service software improves the customer service experience through mobile CRM capabilities, our self-serve portal and comprehensive indecent management. With accurate solutions, solve customer issues quickly.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Key Features for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

  • Material Requirements Planning. Helps businesses determine which products should be produced, as well as manage when to buy needed products.
  • Bills of Material and Routings. Provides multiple levels of bills of materials and routings that manage both inside and outside operations.
  • Progress and Milestone Billing. Manage your cash flow and generate invoices based on dates.
  • Business Metrics. Complete “Fingers on the Pulse” pro-active alerts and KPI Measurements including email, dashboard and mobile alerts will keep you on the leading, not bleeding edge of the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Solutions Benefits

Using Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP can bring about a slew of benefits for industrial equipment manufacturers, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • More control over planning in the supply chain
  • Stronger cash flow management
  • Lower cost of production

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