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ERP Software for Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers

Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers: A Dynamic Industry

There is an ever-increasing world-wide demand for food and beverage products and subsequently the need for cost-effective, reliable equipment to produce and serve those products. Shifting customer preferences such as organics, and health consciousness products, are driving certain types of equipment to extend their versatility. And with growing demand, comes new competition, particularly from foreign regions of the world.

Manufacturing food and beverage equipment is one of the most dynamic industries because of varying product features and constant demand. The food and beverage equipment industry produces products like tanks, kettles, vacuum pans, cooker coolers and mixers to name just a few.

With the production of many types of equipment and the large number of customers served, food and beverage equipment manufacturers have many responsibilities and challenges that can often be hard to maintain without a comprehensive system that handles all aspects of product demand and fulfillment. Some of those challenges include growing competition, ever changing customer demand, inventory and scheduling concerns and rising material costs.

With over 20 years of experience, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP has developed a solid reputation in delivering solutions that ease the tension that these manufacturers feel and enable them to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, lower costs, manage complexity, and support growth.

I like their (WorkWise) willingness to listen to my needs, and develop a strategic partnership. We wouldn’t work with someone who didn’t offer a strong on-going partnership.

Jim Koleski,

CFO at Alto-Shaam, Inc.


What Are Your Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturing Pain Points?

All industries face their fair share of pain points and food & beverage equipment manufacturers are no different. From shrinking margins to a rise in demand from customers, food & beverage equipment manufacturers face pain points that Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP can solve.

Growing Competition

Is your business struggling due to competition which is leveraging lower labor costs or quicker deliveries?

Inventory Levels

Are your promise dates not being met due to critical shortages of common materials?

Scheduling Concerns

Does your production schedule constantly fluctuate due to changing customer demands and shortages of required labor skills?

High Customer Demands

Are you able to satisfy your customers demand for a variety of features and options only by driving up your cost and providing non-competitive delivery dates?

Rising Material Costs

Are your suppliers receiving solid ordering projections from you, which enables them to provide consistent delivery and a good price?

Regulatory Compliance Struggles

Do you find the industry and government compliance morass causing you to compromise your service and quality?

How Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Can Ease Those Pain Points

Growing Competition

Growing Competition

With a complete closed loop system in place from market analysis of competitors to production scheduling tools, which will allows you to outperform competitors, you will always be several steps ahead.

Uneven Inventory Levels

Uneven Inventory Levels

WorkWise’s material planning provides a real time look at your inventory and looks ahead so that you are always receiving the right materials at the right time.

Scheduling Concerns

Scheduling Concerns

WorkWise’s Master Production Scheduling and Production Scheduling tools provide several levels of granularity from forecasting feature and option groups all the way through assigning the correct labor skill to critical operations on the factory floor.

High Customer Demands

High Customer Demands

Proactive customer service through CRM will enable you to anticipate your customer’s needs and solve problems before they become critical.

Rising Material Costs

Rising Material Costs

Purchasing will be able to work with suppliers to develop a cost effective delivery schedule of critical materials providing you with higher margins and accurate promise dates to your customers.

Regulatory Compliance Struggles

Regulatory Compliance Struggles

The Serial and Warranty application provides you with the ability to maintain accurate records and track all activities that occur after shipment so that any compliance issues can be quickly addressed in a cost efficient manner.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Software for Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Key Features for Food and Beverage Equipment Manufacturers

Serial & Warranty Control

The WorkWise Serial & Warranty Control feature grants users tighter control of their business operations, awareness of customer events and a more effective way to handle regulatory compliance.

Customer Relationship Management

Best manage customer demands and issues with CRM integration. Designed to assist your marketing, sales and service departments, CRM provides a 360-degree view of each customer’s status and tracks all feedback and product issues.


WorkWise’s Estimating application allows you to create accurate and up-to-date estimates as well as give you a stronger understanding of the relationships between the manufacturing process, cost, and pricing.

Product Configuration

Provide engineering and sales with a dynamic product configurator tool to customize each customer order with as well as a simple approach, which allows selection of the features and options important to the customer to be quickly manufactured.

Job Cost

Compiles and tracks labor and materials costs for each standard or custom product so that you can take lessons learned forward to future orders and also get a solid grip on your labor, material and overhead costs.

Business Metrics

The WorkWise Business Metrics application delivers complete “Fingers on the Pulse” pro-active alerts and KPI Measurements including email, dashboard and mobile alerts will keep you on the leading, not bleeding edge of the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Solution Summary of Benefits

Establish your business as a top-tier competitive manufacturer with:

  • Accurate and timely estimates
  • Stronger relationship with customers
  • Improved relationship with key suppliers
  • Increased productivity from the sales force to the shipping department
  • Reduced inventory costs and higher margins

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