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ERP for the Electronic Manufacturing Industry

ERP Software for High Tech and Electronics Manufacturers

High tech and electronics companies face some of the most dynamic challenges of any industry. Not only are they measured on how rapidly they can develop and launch new innovative products, they must do so under fierce global competition. Product life cycles have shortened dramatically over recent years with the advent of new technologies, shifting customer preferences and global competition. The most common element in this environment is change, change and more change.

All these changes along with lower prices do not foster an easy environment for lean, efficient manufacturing operations. Yet, to fail in meeting any of these challenges, can spell disaster for an electronics company. High tech and electronics companies need to learn agility and speed as top priorities. Incorporating change as a normal business practice means finding tools that can support and even help to lead these priorities. Static software, without natural abilities to adapt to every situation, can slow time to market, create inefficient operations, and erase a company from its market.

Hi tech and electronics companies also must be able to mix different modes of manufacturing (Make To Stock, Assemble To Order, Configure To Order, Engineer To Order, and Buy To Order) and to seamlessly apply the correct process to the demand situation that presents itself. There isn’t always one route to the best results, but not having a choice is always worse. The secret is to have the ability to match to the needs of the customer, product, and internal capabilities.

High tech electronics manufacturers also face challenging environments in their supply chains. Components become instantly unavailable, lead times change frequently, and parts are sourced from an abnormally large set of vendors. This all makes for a complex, rapidly changing situation at every moment. High tech electronics manufacturers need better controls, and better visibility into their supplier activities. Communications must be accurate, confirmed, and automatic. EDI, supplier portals, and bar-coded components are just a few of the required tools needed to manage the constantly changing supply chain landscape

Electronics manufacturers can solve their most existential issues with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, a software solution that ideally serves made-to-order, engineer to order and mixed mode manufactures. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP with its 8 business suites and 45 essential applications and backed by over 15 years of experience is perfectly positioned to solve the unique challenges that arise within the electronics manufacturing industry.

One of the main benefits we’ve experienced using Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is being able to get meaningful information we can use, versus getting data that requires more work to get the answers you’re looking for. The data is integrated and streamlined for efficient use which keeps our fixed costs lower and allows us to invest our capital into building better products.

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What Are Your Electronics Manufacturing Pain Points?

The Electronics Manufacturing industry is incredibly unique and, like all industries, comes with its share of pain points. Thankfully, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is the perfect solution to address and correct those issues.

Rising Material Costs

Are your financials struggling due to a low margin, price-deflated environment as you are squeezed with increases in critical material prices?

Customer Pricing Demands

Your customers want more for less and a greater variety, pressuring you to compete with foreign suppliers and deliver quicker.

Poor Forecasting

Does inaccurate forecasting cause lost orders and disruption of the production process due to constantly changing priorities?

Inaccurate Warranty Tracking

Are you finding it difficult to track warranties and failing to correct customer issues in a timely manner?

High Inventory Levels

Are your inventory carrying costs skyrocketing due to buying and building inventories that are not in demand?

Weak Customer Service

Is there a struggle with making your customers happy as you fail to anticipate their needs and issues?

How Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Can Ease Those Pain Points

Rising Material Costs

Rising Material Costs

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP material planning and control will anticipate shortages in advance so that you can negotiate critical discounts with key suppliers assuring the right material at the right time.

Customer Demand for Lower Prices

Customer Demand for Lower Prices

With the advanced Estimating and Quoting features, WorkWise allows users to create and maintain accurate and up to date estimates that consider material and labor resources as well as overhead and can be translated into order-winning quotations with competitive yet profit making margins.

Poor Forecast Accuracy

Poor Forecast Accuracy

Any forecast is inaccurate. WorkWise advanced forecasting tools provide the look back and projection features to hedge your bet and allow you to react and adjust as the incoming demand is measured against the production plan.

Inability to Manage and Track Warranties

Inability to Manage and Track Warranties

WorkWise’s serial and warranty control feature gives users the ability to maintain complete warranty records and increase awareness of customer interactions. The complete history of key components, replacement parts and issues from the field are tracked within the ERP system.

High Inventory Levels

High Inventory Levels

WorkWise Inventory Management can plan replenishments based on both dependent and independent demand. Whether finished products, which may be purchased from a supplier, key feature and option groups, or fabricated components, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP balances the inventory supply with the demand in a time-phased manner designed to lower the total cost yet provide the service levels needed to beat the competition.

Weak Customer Service

Weak Customer Service

A common struggle in business, no matter the industry, is poor customer service. Not responding to customer correspondence quickly, ineffective marketing efforts and a directionless sales team can all push away the most important factor of a business, your customers. WorkWise’s CRM integration seamlessly integrates with Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP and provides sales and marketing features to strengthen the customer service experience.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Software for Electronic Manufacturers

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Key Features for Electronic Manufacturers

  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Suite: Provides a strong customer service experience with CRM integration, quoting and estimating, order management, warranties and returns.
  • Product Configurator: Providing your customers with choices in a quick and efficient manner that can be translated into a quote and sales order that the production area can efficiently assemble, and ship is the hallmark of the Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Product Configurator. Customers can select those features and options that suit their needs and you can deliver their product as specified and on time.
  • Inventory: Spikes in demand for a specific product or feature can lead to having to increase the amount of production needed in order to satisfy customers. WorkWise’s Inventory Management provides a bird’s eye view into your inventory levels.
  • Master Production Scheduling: In a rapidly changing industry, it is crucial to have your production schedule clear cut and ready to manufacture. Master Production Scheduling balances the supply and demand, providing a stable production plan.
  • Production Planning and Control: The Production suite allows users to plan labor, machine, and tooling requirements, manage production schedules and generate accurate costs.
  • Materials Suite: Have complete control over your material functions including shipping, purchasing and requisitions, using tools such as bar coding and mobile data collection.
  • Business Metrics Complete “Fingers on the Pulse” pro-active alerts and KPI Measurements including email, dashboard, and mobile alerts will keep you on the leading, not bleeding edge of the ever-changing dynamics of your business.

+- Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Benefits Solutions

Establish your business as a top-tier competitive manufacturer with:

  • Accurate and timely estimates
  • Stronger relationship with customers
  • Improved relationship with key suppliers
  • Increased productivity from the from the sales force to the shipping department.
  • Reduced inventory costs and higher margins

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