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WorkWise has been serving customers in the manufacturing industry for over 15 years. We understand the various complexities and unique challenges faced by each industry and use that knowledge to develop ERP manufacturing software solutions with the features and functions your industry needs to achieve success.

Our knowledge-based approach to manufacturing ERP implementation assures that you will always be paired with consultants with decades of experience in your particular industry.

This guarantees you’ll work with a team of experts who not only understands the software, but also understands your industry.

Key Manufacturing Industries We Serve

Industrial Vehicles

Industrial Vehicle Manufacturers face unique challenges, including complex supply chain processes, fluctuating demand and rapidly evolving technology. The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition software solution has helped organizations in the Industrial Vehicle Manufacturing Industry work smarter and faster, improving productivity and reducing costs. Some of the benefits our customers experience include lower operational costs, faster time to delivery, enhanced productivity for the shop floor and complete lot, serial, and revision control.

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“Our team at Marion Body takes pride in providing the exact custom vehicle or truck component needed for each customer’s application. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP helps us do that, because depending on the nature of the product, we may design and build a totally custom vehicle, or produce a configured body with pre-engineered options, all built to each customer specification. This support for “mixed-mode” manufacturing, plus inherent engineering integration, gives us the competitive advantage we need.”

Vincenzo Speziale

Vice President

Marion Body Works, Inc.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment manufacturers face some of the biggest challenges. Their customers are demanding increased value with decreased costs, while expecting solutions that include full services and support. The products are typically complex in the number of components, and sourced from a number of outside vendors. Simple quality metrics of the past have now been replaced with total life cycle performance, including all the activities that occur from the birth of the equipment till its final replacement.

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“The WorkWise team was excellent, and knew the product and process in depth. They were very responsive to our every need. The results speak for themselves. We did the conversion on a Saturday, and were back in our homes right after lunch.”

Joseph Roesler

Vice President of Finance


Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment manufacturers face some unusual challenges compared to other types of equipment manufacturers. Sure, they face similar issues of complexity, continuous change, price pressures, and innovation demands. Likewise, their customers also demand equipment lifecycle management, whereby all the activities involving the product must be managed from cradle to grave.

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“What’s really nice is having everything in one package. My financials are in the same package as manufacturing and customer orders. Everything integrates seamlessly. Bringing in inventory management has been a huge benefit for us. Being able to jump between workbenches and different points of data has been really nice.”

Pam Reynolds

Chief Financial Officer

Capstan AG

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication and component manufacturers produce a wide variety of products sourced from a wide customer base. The main challenge for these manufacturers lies in handling the immense variety of products, and the complexity of producing them within existing capacity.

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“The team at WorkWise is phenomenal. I highly recommend Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP to any company looking to improve their processes, improve their efficiency, become more productive and work with a company who really gets to know them and understands what they’re going through.”

Mike Campise

IT Systems Administrator

Racine Metal Fab

Food & Beverage Equipment

The growing world is demanding more and more food. Increasing world-wide demand, plus a shift to higher calories per individual (a greater proportion of these calories coming from animal products like beef, chicken and pork) translates into rising product demand for the food processing equipment industry.

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“I like their (WorkWise) willingness to listen to my needs, and develop a strategic partnership. We wouldn’t work with someone who didn’t offer a strong on-going partnership.”

Jim Koleski


Alto-Shaam, Inc.

Electronic Manufacturing

High tech and electronics companies face some of the most dynamic challenges of any industry. Not only do they compete on how rapidly they can develop and launch new innovative products, they must do so under fierce global competition. Product life cycles have shortened dramatically over recent years with the advent of new technologies, shifting customer preferences and global competition. The most common element in their environment is change, change and more change.

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“One of the main benefits we’ve experienced using Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is being able to get meaningful information we can use, versus getting data that requires more work to get the answers you’re looking for. The data is integrated and streamlined for efficient use which keeps our fixed costs lower and allows us to invest our capital into building better products.”

Michael Ray



Medical Equipment

Medical devices is a fast growth segment in the health care industry. The demand for devices is accelerating from two particular areas, emerging foreign markets where the devices are relatively new, and in the U.S. with its aging population.

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