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Production Dispatch & Reporting


Web-Based Dispatch and Labor Reporting

Keep Up with Shop Floor Changes

The shop floor can be a chaotic environment, with constant change and revisions. Machines break down, people don’t show up, and mistakes are made. The best way to manage all these chaotic changes is to equip yourself with the most up-to-date information possible.

Managing this complex environment can only begin with accurate, up-to-date information, a visual schedule of alternatives, and a current set of documents to support the decisions.

Production Dispatch & Reporting captures and validates data about events on the plant floor, stock rooms and even engineering, providing accurate, real-time updates to Shop Floor Control.

Production Dispatch & Reporting

Production Dispatch & Reporting is a real-time production dispatch and data collection system that can be run on mobile devices or from a browser. It’s designed to streamline demand-pull manufacturing through paperless dispatching and easy data collection. With this application, you can place information in the hands of those who need to make decisions regarding priority, machine utilization, personnel assignment, and customer requirements. It helps you spot similar setups on different jobs, and even change the sequence of jobs to improve efficiency. You can also gain visibility to material availability to check stock for the next operation and view the Bill of Material to verify any questions concerning the material list on a work order.

Production Dispatch & Reporting also provides a complete document management system. Employees can share tips, problem notes (for example, between shifts), and quality notes to help track problems.

  • Improve your shop floor processes
  • Increase on time deliveries
  • Lower inventories and production costs
  • Eliminate Errors and Improve Quality

Production Dispatch & Reporting Features

The WorkWise solution offers real-time operation scheduling and data collection. These technologies help employees determine which job to complete next, other jobs that are available with a similar setup, what’s available in the inventory, what machines are ready, and whether there are any bottlenecks.

Advanced technologies on the shop floor continue to make improvements that empower your employees to react and build successful results. Real-time operation scheduling and data collection give insights into problems and information to help avoid those problems.


  • Real-time production reporting
  • Prioritized On-Screen Dispatch
  • Group Sequencing to Reduce Setup Times
  • Data (Including Quantity) Validation
  • Time Approval
  • View Electronic Work Instructions and Part Drawings

More Features

  • Time & Attendance Reporting
  • Team Clocking
  • Messaging
  • Shift and break time management
  • Badge (employee) management
  • Correction of errors worksheet
  • Integration with Payroll systems including overtime rules

A manufacturing customer success story

Discover how Racine Metal Fabricating uses Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition eProduction to increase productivity, improve accuracy, reduce errors and save money.

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