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Serial & Warranty Control


Complete Traceability From Receipt to Shipment

Maintain Accurate Records

The Serial and Warranty Control ERP application allows you to maintain accurate records for each unique warranty and/or serial number purchase and sale. Even if your company is not required by industry regulation to implement lot serial control, it gives you a superior ability to manage your business. Serial and Warranty control can be useful in many ways. For example, tracking parts that expire, or tracking lots to specific vendors.

Auto or Manual Assignment and Complete Traceability from Receipt to Shipment

The Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Serial and Warranty Control application gives you tighter control of business operations, increased awareness of customer events and an easier, more effective way to deal with regulatory compliance.

In today’s customer–oriented manufacturing environment, your job does not end when you ship the product. The ability to accurately track events and materials is absolutely crucial. After a product is shipped, the Serial and Warranty Control application tracks both terms of warranty and service events for the life of the product.

Serial and Warranty Control Advantages

  • Serialized Assignment Through Shipping
  • End User Contact Information
  • Track to Distributor and Original Shop Order
  • Warranty Starting and Expiration Dates
  • Service Records
  • Easily access accurate records
  • Service Management Notes
  • Component Serialization Records

Serial and Warranty Control Benefits

  • Maintain accurate records for each warranty and serial number purchase
  • Track parts that expire or track lots to specific vendors
  • Gain stronger control of business operations
  • Effectively deal with regulatory compliances
  • Accurately track events and materials
  • Increased awareness of customer events
  • Tracks terms of warranty and service events for the life of a product

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