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AvaTax Sales Tax Gateway


The Fastest, Easiest, Most Accurate Way to Calculate Sales Tax

Automation: The Key To Surviving Transactional Tax Compliance

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition offers a gateway into one of the most powerful sales tax management applications, AvaTax. Traditional tax compliance methods are expensive, a drain on productivity and error prone. They do not add to your bottom line, or cut expenses and can put your organization at risk for audit exposure and fines. Integrating with AvaTax takes the burden off of tax management so your concentration can remain on building your core business.

AvaTax Benefits

Comprehensive, End-to-End Automation

The application handles the complete transactional tax compliance function, from jurisdiction research and rate calculation to automated reporting, managed returns filing, and remittance, eliminating the operational hassle of the full range of tax compliance tasks.

Centralized, Secure Management

The Administrative Dashboard gives you the controls to apply nexus, taxability settings, special jurisdictions, exemptions and other dimensions with the granularity your business requires.

No Manual Updates

All rate and boundary changes are tracked centrally and are automatically applied to each transaction. Never manually load or maintain rate tables in local systems again.

Simplify Setup and Updates

Each new customer must have set the applicable tax details. With over 14,500 sales tax jurisdictions across the US, this process is complex and time consuming. No need to waste time assigning tax schedules or manually updated rate tables; it’s automatically managed and maintained to ensure complete tax accuracy.

Returns & Remittance

Compliance doesn’t end with accurate tax calculation. With managed returns filing and tax remittance, you can be certain an accurate return will be filed in the correct format and at the correct time, avoiding costly penalties.

Address Correction and Validation

Up to 40% of company customer address listings contain significant errors (e.g. incomplete addresses, misspelled street names, missing ZIP codes). All addresses are checked with a USPS CASS™ certified database to correct, standardize and identify ZIP+4 for eCommerce transactions and entered sales.

Dynamic Reports

Exceeding statutory tax return requirements, an easy-access user interface and reporting tools provide a suite of reports with flexible drill-down views.

Strong ROI

Scalable, subscription-based pricing is designed to fit any budget, and pricing will scale to provide an automated, best practices approach to sales tax compliance. You can maximize efficiencies, decrease time spent on updates and research, improve compliance and reduce audit risk.

Speedy Implementation

Get up and running quickly without costly, time-consuming setup or hardware build-out required. WorkWise has a pre-built connector certified by Avalara. Implementation time and effort for is typically 25 percent to 30 percent of the traditional enterprise tax vendors.

AvaTax Features

  • Calculates Tax for all of U.S. and Canada
  • Web Service
  • Includes Exemptions, Special Rates and Thresholds
  • Comprehensive Product Taxability Matrix
  • Tax Updates Continually and seamlessly processed
  • Full Integration with COP and eBiz

ERP software together with CRM software

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP includes our award-winning, full-featured CRM software. From quote to delivery, WorkWise gives you complete control of every aspect of your business.

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