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Job Cost


Plan vs. Actual Financial Analysis of All Manufacturing Operations

Determine Labor & Material Costs for Each Job

In today’s fiercely competitive markets, cost control is an absolute requirement for any manufacturing enterprise that hopes to remain viable and grow its business. Job Cost is detailed both in design and in ease of use.

Job Cost Advantages

Planned vs. Actual Cost Analysis

Complete planned vs. actual cost analysis at multiple levels: Employee, Work Center, Department, Labor/Operation, Component Material, from Stock and Purchased to Order, Job Level and more.

Fixed & Variable Costs

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition Job Cost analysis includes both Fixed and Variable Overhead Costs.

Full or Partial Completions

Full or Partial Completions generate GL entries for summary or detail reporting on financial reports.

Work in Process Reporting

Work in Process can be reported at any time and valued for end of financial period reporting.

User Defined Cost Categories

User defined cost categories allow for summarization of costs and posting to GL so that, if needed, individual Jobs can be tied to a customer order and tracked from quote to cash.

Budget Costs of Product Creation

Track all costs that go into creating your unique products. Then, properly budget so other areas of production do not suffer and resources are allocated properly.

A manufacturing customer success story

Discover how Racine Metal Fabricating uses Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP eProduction to increase productivity, improve accuracy, reduce errors and save money.

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