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Equipment Maintenance


Review, Update, & Schedule Your Maintenance Operations

Schedule maintenance while minimizing downtime

Regular maintenance is an important part of any efficient operation. Equipment Maintenance makes it easy to schedule routine maintenance for equipment, while minimizing downtime.

Equipment Maintenance schedules and tracks the maintenance of machines, trucks and other equipment. EM gives you the ability to easily review, update and schedule your maintenance operations right along with your production requirements. You can also review plant and equipment maintenance history on demand, so you can analyze the operational cost of a specific asset.

Equipment Maintenance interfaces with ERP applications to plan, order, and schedule the necessary maintenance activity and required materials throughout the Shop Floor Control system.

Equipment Maintenance Key Benefits

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling by Days, Pieces, or Hours
  • Increase Productive Capacity
  • Reduced Unscheduled Downtime
  • Ensure Materials Needed Are Available

Equipment Maintenance Key Features

  • Schedule and track the maintenance of equipment
  • Provide a view to the impact of PM on the Shop Floor Schedule
  • Create a standard maintenance schedule
  • Easily review, update and schedule maintenance along with production requirements
  • Review EM history on demand to analyze the operational cost of a specific asset, and provide a complete record for replacement and budgeting decisions.

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