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eCommerce Gateway


Easily Connect eCommerce and ERP

Revolutionize the Way You Do Business

Having an online store has become essential to many successful businesses. The WorkWise eCommerce gateway automatically enters information from your online store into your ERP data. Inventory levels, customer information, order information, shipping details and more are all automatically entered, giving you access to essential, up to date eCommerce data, all from one place.

eCommerce Gateway Benefits and Advantages

Integrated Online Order Processing

Fast Setup and Maintenance


Our Approach

  1. Bi-Directional Integration with eCommerce solutions to speed transactional updates and eliminate duplicate data entry
  2. Allow flexibility to select the optimal web store solution
  3. Industry standard API Technology: ASP.NET Web API using the JSON data exchange format

Access your ERP Data from Anywhere

With the Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Mobile Metrics app, your data is always accessible. Mobile Metrics gives you access to your ERP data from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

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